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Q: I noted that there are different types of “heavy cream” in the supermarket. How do they differ?

A: Cream is classified according to its fat content. In the US, cream is considered heavy cream if it has at least 36% fat, while in Europe, it is heavy cream if it has at least 30% fat. There are times when heavy cream is also called “whipping cream.”

While Western countries have a variety of creams (i.e. light cream or coffee cream, light whipping cream, half-and-half, crème fraiche, sour cream), here in the Philippines, creams can be easily identified according to their packaging – in cans, tetrabricks, and aerosol cans. NESTLÉ Thick Cream, a canned variety, is a type of heavy cream that is not whippable. The NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream, a tetrabrick-packaged type, is a whippable type of heavy cream. Note that both can be used for desserts and savory dishes. The pressurized type of whipped cream found in aerosol cans is used mostly to top or garnish hot and cold beverages.