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The Nestlé Club is a community that receives communication from Nestlé Philippines on various homemaking topics such as household management, culinary applications and family rearing.

As a Nestlé Club member, you will enjoy many benefits such as information on new Nestlé products; promos; articles and tips on various topics such as nutrition, health, parenting, and general well-being; invitations to exclusive events and other activities like cooking and lifestyle demonstrations; recipes for the whole family; exclusive offers on Nestlé products; and many more!

It’s easy to join the Nestlé Club! The first step is to completely fill out the Nestlé Club Membership Form or register online by clicking here. Membership is FREE!

You may also contact us for any inquiries, or to request for a Membership Form.

Hotline: (02)898-0061
Fax: (02)325-2582

To keep the Nestlé Club running smoothly, NESTLÉ works with third party agency partners Ogilvy One and Pivotal Technologies, Inc. to manage this website and your information. Trust that the our partners value the safety and security of any details that you submit and abide by all Nestlé privacy guidelines.

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When do you usually serve NESTEA?

During lunch and dinner with my family at home
During afternoon merienda at home
When visitors come over
All of the above