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Nestlé Welcomes the Wellness Ambassadors
The Nestlé Club, in partnership with the Corporate Wellness Unit (CWU), recently completed three successful runs of its Wellness Ambassador Program for Nestlé Club members.

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The Nestlé Club, in partnership with the Corporate Wellness Unit (CWU), recently completed three successful runs of its Wellness Ambassador Program for Nestlé Club members. Themed “The Joy of Choosing Wellness,” the program was attended by a total of 75 Club members, spread over three dates: February 7 and 14, and March 7.

These momentous events were held at the Julius Maggi Kitchen in Rockwell, Makati City. The half-day program gave invitees the opportunity to learn more about the “I Choose Wellness” Program and how they can incorporate it in their daily lives.

Wellness Starter Kits were given to the Club members upon registration to jumpstart them on the path to Wellness. Inside were Personal Assessment and Monitoring Sheets for keeping track of Wellness goals, a Wellness belt which is a health-risk color coded tape measure, a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, and a copy of the GULAY recipe mailer. The attendees were also given extra copies of Personal Assessment and Monitoring Sheets so they can share these with their families.

The program started off with a fun and calorie-burning wellness activity, with the Club members grooving to fast-paced music as they did the cha-cha, salsa, hip-hop aerobics, and belly-dancing. After cooling down, each participant was given a Wellness shirt to change into.

Also offered were sessions designed to equip members on how to become Wellness Ambassadors and, ultimately, spread the word about Wellness. Brand Manager for Wellness Monica Camus and CWU Head Cora Sager facilitated the “Choose Wellness Basics” module, where members of the Club learned about the basic principles of Wellness and the little steps they can immediately apply in their lives.

In addition, a registered nutritionist dietitian (RND) was on hand to discuss common facts and myths about food and exercise and share the importance of checking food labels. Using the Starter Kit, the members of the Club, with the help of the RND, calculated their BMIs, waist circumferences and set their personal Wellness goals.

The activities were made exciting and conducive to learning as Club members were given pop quizzes to test what they have learned. The scores they earned as a group qualified them to “shop” for the Nestlé products they got to take home after the activity.

Nestlé Consumer Relationship Marketing Specialist Marla Mariano observed how enthusiastic the Club members were in participating in the Wellness activities. “It's nice to see them so energetic during the physical activity. They weren't afraid to break into a sweat! Also, their active participation in the sessions and pop quizzes affirmed that they were able to learn from the activity, enforcing their roles as Wellness Ambassadors.”

“We see our Nestlé Club members as our valuable partners in helping spread the importance of Wellness. This is only the beginning of their journey, and there will be follow-up activities in the future to further reinforce their commitment to Wellness,” concluded Brand Manager for Wellness Monica Camus.


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